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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Who can write about hair when it's Valentine's Day?

Oh Valentine's Day.. It always gets here whether we're ready or not. (Get ready cause it gets here tomorrow!) It has to be the most lovely yet stressful days of the year. You may have been asking yourself, "What do I get my Valentine?" or "Will he remember it's Valentine's Day?" or you might even be thinking "Oh yeah! It's Valentines Day." Whatever thoughts are going through your head, I say relax. Valentine's Day should be a time when couples look lovingly into each others eyes and remember why they love each other. A time for singles to remember that a little indulgence is good for the soul. And yes, a time for lots and lots of sweet treats!

Speaking of sweet treats.. This weekend I had the pleasure of finally checking out one of my downtown neighbors the Tea Embassy. They had quite possibly the best idea ever, a tea and chocolate tasting! It was the perfect start to my Saturday. I mean really, I got to walk over there in the sunshine to meet up with a couple of girlfriends and be girlie for two hours. The owner and staff were so friendly and knew so much about tea, and they were the opposite of snobby. That's a big deal for me being a lifelong coffee drinker and tea imbecile. I even walked away with some very reasonably priced tea that I have been thoroughly enjoying this morning. If you are one of the many who has forgotten that Valentine's Day is tomorrow, get your booty over to Tea Embassy for some fancy chocolate and any kind of tea you could possibly want. They even have romantically themed teas like their chocolate and rose flavored Love Story Black Tea.

And on that yummy note, I leave you to enjoy this beautiful day. I'll be spending it with my Valentine who just happens to also be my favorite eleven year old ever. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

How could I not love this kid!?

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