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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Your Stylist's Chair: A Judgement Free Zone

Ok. Confession time. I am always telling my friends and clients not to snip their own bangs. "Just text me, and I'll do it for you!" is what I tell them. So.. yeah. I totally just took a razor to my hair. Not so much the bangs as the whole thing. Before you judge me, keep in mind that 1. I am a trained professional 2. I was bored, and 3. It totally looks cute.

Why am I announcing this big no-no that I have committed? I guess I'm trying to illustrate the point that even your stylist does silly things to themselves sometimes. They probably do things to their own hair that they would never dream of doing to their clients. Example: That year my hair was basically platinum blond. This is why most of us (at least the cool stylists I know) would very much prefer that you just come clean with us when the quick bang trim you gave yourself at home isn't as awesome as you had imagined. Don't walk around with your bangs bobby pinned to your head. Just let us fix it, and know that we've most likely done the same thing at one time or another.


In other news:

Wild Orchid Salon will be having and taking part in some great events in March! We don't have all the details yet, but expect an update on our SXSW Feather Hair Extension event at The Marq, and our party the following week where we will showcase the new Granado Minerals Spring Collection and jewelry from Stella & Dot. Yay!!

Please feel free to email me if you have an idea for an event. We love collaborating!!

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